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Transsexual PicturesA transsexual is a person who’s birth sex does not correspond with their gender identity. In other words, they were born male and feel female or born female and feel male. There are many theories as to the cause. Some say it may be a very mild intersex condition, but has not been clinically proven as of yet. The clinical term for “transsexualism” is called “Gender Identity Disorder”.

A Transsexual Escort is somebody who is Transgender. Usually a TGirl, Tranny of Shemales. An escort is somebody who you can spend time with. Now usually the person who is buying time with the escort usually wants to be romantic. If you’re lucky you might find a Hot Shemale escort who will do anything you want. If the price is right tho. Usually TGirl Escorts charge a pretty good sum of money for their time with you.

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Tranny Pictures

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