About Monica Virgin TGirl

About Monica Virgin TGirl

About Monica Virgin TGirl

– I’m Monica Virgin T-Girl I’m The Site Admin -

About Monica: I’m 19 years old. I’m originally from Miami But Moved to Cali when I was in 12th Grade. I’m really into sports and I love learning, modeling, blogging, traveling, dating and nice guys.

I created this blog because I love to share my ideas, interests and love with people. I love to stay connected with friends and meet new friends. I’m currently single, but looking, I’m saving my virginity for the right guy but I still like to explore my naughty side.

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I’ve heard on TV that something like 1 out of every 5 relationships are now created from online dating. I’ve never met a guy online before but I was thinking, maybe I’ll find a better guy online than at school or at stupid house parties lol.. I’ve dated a few guys here in college but, they’re all the same. I want a true man, someone who knows how to treat a beautiful T-Girl! So, why do shemales use dating sites to find their perfect man? Well, because most shemales know that some people may find it as a insulting surprise to some men that they have a penis. The internet gives you and your shemale partner the comfort and security to get to know each other and get to know each other.

If you want to learn more About Monica, Please take a minute to check out my Twitter. I love staying in touch with everything. So follow me come say hi to me, It’s one of the best way to get a hold of me.

“My parents don’t know about this blog. Please don’t tell them about it ;)”

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“I just love when a man tells me I’m the most beautifulShemale he has ever met.”


So I decided to create this blog page in hopes of meeting a mature man who wants to treat me with respect… maybe just maybe you can be the man for me?? Hopefully at the very least I will make some good friends!

So yeah, it’s true, I’m a virgin! I’m actually proud of that, but at the same time I’m filled with a rage that only a good fuck could take care of… haha. I know that may come off weird but I have some pretty sick fantasies, even if I am a younger, virgin tgirl. So I’m hoping that a mature man will care about satisfying my feminine urges.

Some men just have no idea how to approach me.. I’m a normal person too, I just want respect and love, just like you. Once I find a man who can give me the affection that I desire I would open up and give him every fantasy his mind could conceive. My friend Amber Lynn, she specializes in helping men with dating T-Girls. You can visit her here:

Meet Virgin TGirls

A Little More About Monica TGirl:

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Name: Monica
Age: 19
Personal: Pre-Op Transsexual
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 115
Location: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Part Time Model and Student
Hobbies: Music, Modeling, Education, Having fun!!
Likes: Spring, Nice weather, bikinis and hot guys ;)
Dislikes:Dishonest People


Hello! I’m Monica your transsexual teen virgin here at virgintgirl.com. I’m happy to be part of the site and hope you enjoy yourself here, I’m here to make new friends and hopefully a lover, so please feel free to leave a comment or email anytime. I guess I should say a little about me to further introduce myself.


First off. I’m a bit of a free spirit and a bit of a loving hippy. I love reading,writing, watching movies, long talks, pretty much anything to keep my mind intrigued. I like a nice talk and drink at any hour of the day and I love going for long walks in the middle of the night to nowhere.


I’m have a very kinky mind when it comes to sexual things and I believe when I find that sexy perfect man, that I will be willing to try just about anything ;) . If you’re not open minded when it comes to sexuality, then you’re not getting full enjoyment out of that desire. I’m the dominant type, but I’m a bit more submissive as well, I’d like to find a guy who will make me satisfied when I’m feeling either way. I can switch up and have fun tho.


I love having the opportunity to get to know people online here at my blog and networking sites. Why don’t you leave a message to let me know if something was helpful or fun, or even if we screwed something up. Just keep it real. I’ll keep adding more to the site soon as long as people are visiting.


Thanks for visiting me, I hope we can become great friends. :)




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